Coaches Corner

This section of the site is dedicated to providing league coaches with information, helpful hints, and tools that will make the coaching experience a positive one.

Practice Gym Closures
On occasions, the League is notified by the various individual schools that the use of their gyms will not be available to us for normal practices.  Those coaches whose practices are affected by the closures will be notified by email as soon as we are informed of the closure.  Unfortunately, last minute notifications do happen so we will do our best to make sure the coaches get the notifications promptly.  All practice dates are posted to the website under the Practices portal.  Please use this to make certain whether your team is scheduled for a practice on a given date and time.

To download scorecards using 7 & 10 team foul limits, click here: Scorecard Download 
To download scorecards using 10 & 13 team foul limits, click here: Scorecard Download

Basketball Terminology
When providing instructions and information to your players, it is important for coaches to use the correct and consistent terminology in describing areas on the court as well as other basketball terms.  Click on these links to download a Glossary of Basketball Terminology and Areas on a Court.

Practice Plan 
Preparing a good Practice Plan is essential to getting the most out of your practice time.  It keeps you on track for getting accomplished what you want during the timeframe that you are given for practices.  It also allows you to build on what you did during the previous practices.  We have provided a sample Practice Plan that will help you accomplish this.  Click on the link to download a Practice Plan worksheet.